Saturday, July 7, 2012

He Was a Good Old Dog

Charlie Brown Dog

When Charlie first came to live with me he was 5 weeks old. His skin was three sizes to big for him and he rolled around in it, chubby and big footed. Over the next couple of years he grew into those big paws, as a 110 lb big brown dog. He never left my side and often laid at my feet while I sat at my easel, painting into the wee hours of the morning as my family slept. It was for this reason that I named my studio Brown Dog Studio. In those early years, he kept me company when nobody else could. Sadly, Charlie passed away today. 

Here are some things you should know about Brown Dog:

He loved catching snowballs!
He hated road trips.
He was a good dog.
He was a bad dog.
He was sweetly oblivious to the fact that he was a bad dog.
He loved jumping off the wharf and swimming in the ocean.
He loved cats.
He loved his boys.
He was loyal.
He played with Frankie like he was a puppy.
He once ate a neighbor's chicken (bad dog!)
He was always at my side.
He was loved.
He loved.

Charlie was laid to rest in my garden this afternoon.


  1. Angela, we're thinking of you all, sending hugs
    chris and val

  2. thanks Val. It has been a sad few days.

  3. What a dog! We lost our Kadie 4 years ago and she is so missed. There is nothing like a love dog!