Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Teeny Tiny Art

                                           "Now That's Cheeky"  4"x4"

Most of the time I paint larger than life. But it’s hard to pack a 40” canvas into the back of a VW bus with two dogs, two homeschooled kids, two overworked parents and all that entails camping. On any given weekend you can see us zipping around the back trails with a barbeque strapped to the roof of our yellow bus, Penelope. On these occasions I pack a few art supplies and smaller canvases. Some as small as 4”. I love to sit by a lake and a campfire and paint at a rustic picnic table, dogs at my feet. All of my smaller works are created this way. Many of my smaller works will be translated into larger works when I get back into my studio. 

                              "Sweater Girl" #4 in a series.   6"x6"

All I need is my easle and my pitbull!