Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Opinionated Dinner Guest

“A magpie can be happy or sad: sometimes so happy that he sits on a high, high gum tree and rolls the sunrise around in his throat like beads of pink sunlight; and sometimes so sad that you would expect the tears to drip off his beak.
This magpie was like that.” 

― Colin Thiele, Magpie Island

"The Opinionated Dinner Guest"
10" x 10" acrylic on wood

Saturday, October 24, 2015

When the weather turns

When the weather suddenly turns to Autumn, I knit faster than I did the moment right before I felt a chill in the air. With a sense of urgency, I knit more than I could ever layer upon woolly layer on my chilled body. These are for you.

I am insanely proud to be featuring the photographic art of Jenna Davis, who is also modeling my knitting, in the following blog.

"Fireside Blanket"
Merino wool, reversible, ribbed

"I Have All The Time In The World"
Green Infinity Scarf . Merino wool/linen blend

"Time Traveler"
Cowl and wristlet set. wool/silk/linen blend

"Haida Octopus"
Hat. Merino wool.

"Hippy Chic"
Purse. wet and needle felted merino wool

"Chilly Bones" head edition
Fair Isle Hat. Merino wool lined with knit organic cotton

"Chilly Bones" hand edition
Fingerless mittens. Hand dyed wool, lined with knit organic cotton.

"Western Wind"
Ribbed Cowl/caplet. Merino wool.

"A Complicated Girl"
Cabled cowl. Wool.

Messenger Bag. Wool felt, lined and pocketed in linen. Pottery button.

"When the weather turns..."
Arm warmers. Hand dyed wool.

Octopus with beaded tentacles. Felted merino wool.

"Paul the Psychic Octopus"
Merino wool hat with Octopus.

"Cosmic Boxer"
Merino wool cabled mittens, cotton cabled lining

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Melancholy Dinner Guest

when i am painted
in the colors of sadness
will you love me still?

Tyler Knott Gregson

The Melancholy Dinner Guest 
acrylic on board  6" x 18"

Saturday, October 3, 2015

She's whiskey in a teacup.

"She's whiskey in a teacup."
Tom Waits

acrylic on paper and wood
18" x 18"

"Juicy Fruit"
acrylic and paper on wood
18" x 18"

Two new paintings I am preparing for an art exhibit on International Women's Day. I'll keep you posted.