Monday, February 29, 2016

International Women's Day

International Women's Day is just around the corner, and so is the opening to a new art show I am participating in. I have prepared some new works alongside the works of 6 other amazing women. 

March 1 – 19, Women without Borders at the Gage Gallery 2031 Oak Bay Avenue.
A Group Exhibition to Celebrate Women and International Women’s Day.  Seven artists have come together to create an exhibition that is humorous, poignant, evocative and celebratory.  People were coming in off the street to see it while we were setting up. It is a celebration and we want everyone to join us in celebrating diversity and courage, ancestry and a bright future. There is something here for everyone. You will laugh, reminisce, celebrate and feel part of the celebration.  Join us in a celebration of Women. 
Angela Menzies (acrylic on canvas) painting of the female nude,  Suzanne Jensen (acrylic on canvas) drawing and paintings of women at work, Bonnie Coulter (acrylic on canvas) paintings of home and family, mary e coakley (photography) photographs of International Women, Joanne Thomson (watercolour) tributes to women artists and grandmothers, Sharon Bussard Grove (clay) sculptural commentary on how women see themselves and how they are seen and Muriel Sibley (clay) altered vessels celebrating dance, welcome and a female crocodile with pink shoes and a purse! 
JOIN US THIS Friday March 4, 7-9 pm.
AND Tuesday March 8 from 7- 9 on International Women’s Day: for a dress up party. We invite you to come as a woman who has been influential in your life. Have some fun with it.  Yes, men, you can dress up too!
(press release written by Joanne Thomson)

I'll be dressed up as a steampunk version of Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman series by Angela Menzies

Angela Menzies

Muriel Sibley, Angela Menzies, Suzanne Jensen

Bonnie Coulter, Muriel Sibley

Sharon Bussard Grove

Muriel Sibley

Joanne Thomson

Bonnie Coulter

Suzanne Jensen

Angela Menzies' work in the window.