Wednesday, March 22, 2017


"She threw away all of her masks,
and put on her soul."
Francesca Silvanna

"Insight" Vulnerability III

About a year ago I began exploring the power and beauty of vulnerability through a series of paintings that involved the technique of excavating layers; from the skin down to the background. I wanted to show that encounters tinted with despair and powerlessness required the awesome courage of vulnerability to navigate with; that our experiences with being emotionally hurt will leave beautiful scars on our souls. Out of our vulnerabilities, will come our strength.

In "Tame" (Vulnerability I), we see an increased and tentative awareness to a state of anxiousness.

"Tame" Vulnerability I

By the time we view "Little Bird", we can see that anxiety is inhabiting the subject in an unsettling way, but that the subject is also experiencing a clarity of vision.

"Little Bird" Vulnerability II

The octopus is the ultimate symbol for adaptability, intelligence and insight. In "Insight" Vulnerability III, the subject is experiencing the very courageous act of self acceptance.

"Insight" Vulnerability III