Friday, April 7, 2017

Brave Little Rabbit Goes To The Beach

"Be brave, little rabbit.
Take a chance."
Cherise Sinclair

Have you ever heard the term, "madder than a March Hare"? Rabbits are known to go a little bonkers this time of year as Spring calls to them, stronger than it does to most animals. The normally shy and fearful rabbit becomes wild and excitable, reminding us to work through our fears with humility. I thought I might work through some shyness and fears of my own this past week, as I asked a dear friend to photograph me, wearing of course a rabbit printed dress I had recently sewn during the mad month of March.


Photo credits: Jenna Davis.

Trusty sidekick: Echo, rat terrier extraordinaire.

Fabric designer: Kobayashi, Rabbits and Mushrooms
Dress sewing pattern: McCalls 6696, sewn in cotton/linen canvas
Bloomers sewing pattern: Plinka Pants by Tina Givens, sewn in 100% linen.
Sweater knitting pattern: Linney Cardigan by Amy Christoffers, knit in cotton/linen.