Friday, August 21, 2015

Creeping Up On Giving a Shit

I was at my hairdresser's the other day and he looked pretty excited when I said, "Surprise me! Do whatever you want." And then his face fell a little when I continued with, "Although I have to tell you, I am totally lazy. I'm not going to brush it or blow dry it or even wash it more than once a week. BUT, I have to look presentable for my job." "Hmmm", he mused. "Shall we say that you want your look to say creeping up on giving a shit?" I genuinely laughed so hard, because there has never been a more accurate description of "my look" than that. I don't mind telling you that there are days I don't even give a shit at all. These are the deliciously selfish days that I wear pajamas all day and eat chocolate brownies for breakfast. And there is an art for that. This is not the art that takes 40 hours of grueling work to complete. It is not the art hanging in a gallery that I have to attend openings for, dressed up with hair coiffed. This is the pajama wearing, brownie eating, dog sleeping on my feet art that creeps up on giving a shit. This is the fun stuff that re-charges my batteries.