Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Student Portfolios

Summer is just around the corner and soon I will be sending my art students home with bundles of their brilliant artwork. This is the perfect time of year to create artist portfolios. My studio students and I make these using brown shopping bags.

Four large shopping bags will make a portfolio with 6 large pockets and 4 half pockets.

You'll need: 4 brown bags, glue gun, card stock, acrylic paints and brushes and a pair of scissors. 

1. Open up the side gussets of each bag. Run a bead of glue about 2 cm in from the edge. Glue the gussets closed.

2. Do the same to the bottom flap. This creates a pocket.

3. You should have all four bags with their gussets glued and pocket flaps glued. Glue two bags together along the side and bottom edges. Glue the other two bags together in the same way. You will now have two halves of your portfolio created.

4. Create a center hinge for the portfolio using a piece of card stock. This will be glued to hold both sides of the portfolio together. Cut off the extra handles, leaving only two on the outside covers.

 5. Now comes the fun part. Paint the inside of your portfolio...

and the outside!