Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why I love Painting Curvy Women

Art prompt #3: look through photos on your computer and just pick something for inspiration. As I waded through pages and pages of my own art, photographs of my "art models" and other's people's art I was inspired to write this blog" "Why I Love Painting Curvy Women".

The first time I ever won an award for a painting at a major juried art show, it was for this piece entitled "The Fishing Partner". I love this model.  She is my favorite go to model and she's been the subject of many of my paintings.  She's overweight, she's 59 years old and she's got a twinkle in her eyes that just won't stop.  She also happens to be my mother and she was the first woman I ever fell in love with.

I love painting women because they can't contain themselves. Their stories behind their smiles won't stay hidden.  And why should it? Women are brave and vulnerable, strong and soft, wise and funny. I paint a women's soul as much as her body. And I really do love every shape and size women carry their stories in.  But here's the deal: It is really hard to convince women over a certain size to model nude. Especially since I prefer to paint women who are not professional models.

A couple of years ago I was thinking about this and realized what a hippocrit I was being. I was asking something of my friends and family that I didn't have the confidence to do myself.  So I posed nude and began a series of self portarits.  And it WAS hard.  But it was also freeing. I've now painted about a dozen self portraits and I get braver with each one.

Over the years I've had alot of friends and family pose for me.  I've had women feel beautiful for the first time when they see their paintings. I've had men thank me for painting real women.  I love the connection we all feel when we can see ourselves in another woman's courage. When I first put on show "Tragdey of The G-String" women of all shapes could relate.  I will never forget the woman who stood in front of this painting, laughing her ass off, exclaiming "I hear ya sister!" What more could I ask for?

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