Saturday, March 24, 2012

Patchwork Prompt

I loved this week's prompt: to sew strips of fabric together and make something out of it.

 I loved it because I have an entire cabinet full of fabric scraps.  It's not called hoarding when you're an artist; it's gathering.  Fabric prints are the gathering of color and inspiration. I use fabric prints in my paintings, fabric scraps in my mixed media works and fabric scraps for sewing little things.  I used to sew baby clothes when my guys were little, but now I sew laptop bags and cell phone cases; pajamas for Christmas morning.

This morning I went to my fabric cabinet, pulled out a random sampling of blue batiks, and began to sew strips of fabric together.

By the end of the day I had a funky messenger bag assembled, complete with a felted wool flap that I decorated with needle felting.

Lots of pockets inside and out hold all of your nerdy girl essentials.

My 11 year old son loves to sew alongside me. He's been sewing things since he was about 4 years old and my sewing machine was the first piece of machinery he ever used. Here is a little mouse he recently made by sewing fabric strips together to make stripey legs.

"Edward" by Mason Menzies

Making things from strips of scrap fabric is a great stash busting exercise! With any luck, this could lead to a quilting obsession.


  1. As always I love your work, great to see what you are up to. Thank for sharing.

  2. Well that is a beauty, you are an inspiration every time. I especially love the coral needlefelting. It is so well executed.
    This is your mother!

  3. Ang,
    I love this bag! You are an inspiration with all the time you make for creativity in your life.

  4. Angela..........i am really enjoying your blog, its an inspiration to start the day with some freedom to explore while i work.

  5. Everything you touch, Angela, becomes a thing of beauty...It just wells up inside you and comes out in your artfull creations. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me!