Saturday, June 30, 2012

White Marbled Brownies

This month I'm working on some larger pieces for my upcoming art shows. And while I sit at my desk waiting for the paint to dry, I turn to smaller pieces of art to fill in the time. I am loving these smaller blocks of wood for creating art and experimenting on. The art prompt for this week is to create a darker background and then use white paint on top to make a design.

I began the background by collaging colored paper scraps and adding drips and splatters of paint.

Next, I applied a generous layer of tar gel into which I swirled black dobs of paint. Well, that was acidentaly awesome. Can you tell I'm a product of the 70's, where the endpapers of all my favorite children's books were marbled? (Note: when tar gel dries it turns clear).

Finally, I used 3 washes of white acrylic paint to create cutout patterns of  birds on branches.

These tiny wood blocks of art are a great filler in your studio when you need some drying time. Not all art prompts can get you started in your studio day. Some times an art prompt is just what you need to keep you in your studio.

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