Saturday, July 14, 2012

Poppies: my studio icon

It wasn't hard to choose an art icon for my art prompt this week. If you've ever been in my studio you know there are poppies represented everywhere, from fabrics on benches to painted fabrics in my portraits. Poppies have long since been a symbol of remembrance, and even sleep and death. But when I think of poppies, I prefer to think of them like this:

"Through the dancing poppies
stole a breeze, most softly lulling
to my soul"

                                       John Keats

"Cottage Poppies"
12" x 12"

I love using patterned fabrics in my paintings. In a 3 part series I am currently working on, painted poppies adorn the curtains.

"Unwind" #2

"Unwind" #1

In my studio, bright red poppies beckon you to come in and stay awhile. Just outside the door, giant poppies in all colors grow with purpose in my garden.

For years I have enjoyed painting poppies. What is your favorite art icon?

"Dancing Poppies"
wax encaustic

"Red Poppies"
12" x 12"

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  1. Intriguing new series, Angela. Can't wait to see it live. My art icon has always been teapots/teacups and I'm finding ways to incorporate it into my figurative works, which I'm still very passionate about.