Saturday, August 11, 2012


Even if your studio is named after a dog, a good studio should always have a studio cat. Why? Because yesterday my Brown Dog Studio cat jumped on the desk, put muddy paw prints all over art cards and knocked over a vase of flowers. That's why! Because who would want to miss out on that? And he did it all with an air of indifference that could only be embodied by the statement "Meh". Thank you Tuxedo, thank you very much.

8" x 8" mixed media on wood

Today's painting was inspired by the art prompt: use two complimentary colors to create a piece of art. Hence the green cat. Tuxedo is not green. Tuxie watched ardently as I created his portrait from Japanese papers, paper mache, rusted wires, thread and found glass item.

p.s I really am crazy about my studio cat, and so are my patrons. If you don't have one, get one.


  1. I have one and he's been my greeter for a couple days on the tour, then he got bored and decided sleeping was a much better option! Can those art cards with paw prints be re used some how?

  2. studio cats are great! Luckily my art cards have protective sleeves on them so all is well.