Friday, September 14, 2012

Create a postcard

Life has a way of getting busy. I know! Last week I even missed sending you out an art prompt as I was busy gearing up for another creative and fun filled homeschooling year with my kids. When I get super busy I like reminders to slow down. I often spend entire days on the computer. I may receive 50 plus emails in an afternoon. So when a fellow artist friend sent me a hand painted postcard in the mail, I stopped what I was doing, boiled the kettle, made a cup of tea and sat down to enjoy this little treasure. We don't send enough thoughtful mail these days. So this week, create an original postcard and send it to someone.

Here's a second art prompt for the week (to make up for last week). Visit your library and find some old books. I'm lucky enough to own 7 bookshelves full of favorite old books, so I didn't need to go far.
I still read "Frog and Toad"!
Grab a sketchbook and start drawing bits and pieces of interesting parts. I created my postcard on top of a photocopy of a page of text. The tree comes from a sketch I did from a favorite Steinbeck novel I just finished reading. I also added bits of string and acrylic skins my mom removed from an old plaster painting of hers. 
cast-off acrylic skins from my mom, Bonnie Coulter.
The finished product is a whimsical multi medium art piece that can get dropped in the mail and sent along. And maybe when the friend on the other end receives it, they will make a pot of tea, slow down and enjoy some quiet time too.

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