Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Student Life

About 7 years ago I asked an 11 year old girl named Zoe to draw a dragon for me. I didn't know her very well yet. We were both shy. But when I shyly explained that I would like her to draw a dragon for a homeschooling project I was working on, she shyly accepted. I was blown away by her drawing. I still have that dragon by the way! Several years later I again asked her to share her art with me. I proudly purchased a pen and ink self portrait, as well as asked Zoe to hang some of her art in my studio. Patrons of the Stinking Fish Studio Tour were delighted by Zoe's whimsical, thoughtful and sophisticated style of drawing.

Today, Zoe's work hangs in various private collections as well as in an upcoming gallery show entitled "Small Treasures" at the Coast Collective. I encourage you to come by the gallery this Saturday from 2-4pm and meet Zoe. Zoe has two pieces in this wonderful show of small works.
needle felting
"Liquorice Cat"
acrylic on canvas
Here's what Zoe has to say about herself:
Zoë Larsen is a self-taught artist who has a passion for creating art
full of colour. She is inspired by many things such as music,
literature, dreams, nature, people and animals. Zoë loves to learn
new techniques and get her hands dirty in the process!
Zoë has explored a variety of mediums with local artists…
Encaustics and mixed media painting with Angela Menzies,
Pottery with Vincent Fe,
Soapstone carving with Kate Woods and
Glass bead making with Nicole Valentine-Rimmer.
Zoë has enjoyed having her art in the Stinking Fish Studio Tour as
a junior artist in 2010.
Zoë lives on a hillside farm in Sooke BC with her family and many
If you need to take away an art prompt this week, it would be this:
support a student in any way you can. Buy their art, offer them an
art lesson, give them wall space in your studio or visit them at
gallery openings. You won't regret it! You just might meet your
new favorite artist.  Artists, especially the young, are brave
people who put their hearts and souls out there for you to enjoy.
If you live on Vancouver Island, come out to see this show.
And good luck to my talented dear friend Zoe this weekend!


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