Saturday, April 6, 2013

April: Conversations In Paint

I like the idea of collaborations as conversations. Keith Haring once said, "Collaboration paintings are a physical conversation in paint instead of words. The sense of humor, the snide remarks, the profound realizations, the simple chit chat all happened with paint and brushes."

I recently collaborated with my mother, Bonnie Coulter, to create a conversation about the precarious nature of emotional states.

"Hold Back The Storm"

 In "Hold back The Storm", Bonnie envisioned an emotional storm, and she used her experience with painting landscapes to speak about this.

After years of studying psychology, I first became a mother and then a portrait artist. I'm often thrown into the eye of the storm of adolescent hormones and fears as my boys and their friends navigate their way through their teens. This experience became my part of the conversation.
All month long I will be exploring collaborative art: joint paintings, call and response, commissions and working with kids.

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