Monday, May 13, 2013

Rescued Monsters

"Quickly I turned on the light and caught him sitting at the foot of my bed."
Mason's old sweater "Hugger" on the eve of Mason's birthday.

The year I learned to knit, I hand knit monster sweaters for my two boys and husband for Christmas. They were the first sweaters I made for someone else. And man, were they cute!  Every time my husband wears his, someone asks him where he got it. Recently I found Mason's sweater; too small, cast aside and sporting a hole. And yet, he was completely unwilling to part with it. It was after all the first sweater his mommy had ever knit him. And guess who's birthday was just around the corner? So I patched the hole with a felted heart and gave this monster a new lease on life.

Matty's sweater "Horace" was adopted last year. He really likes his new owner. She probably lets him stay up late watching movies.

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