Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Conversations With My Dogs

detail from "Slow Joe"
When I talk about painting "Bad Dogs", people often get a little irate. They say, "But you have great dogs! How can you say such a thing?"
Oh sure, they're great. I could, in fact, wax on all day about how awesome my dogs are. But I would be lying to you if I told you my neighbors have never heard the following conversations I have had with my dogs:
"Stop humping the cat! I can't even look at you for the rest of the day now!"
"Where the heck did you even find a chicken?"
"Stop sniffing my crotch! It's the same crotch I had yesterday."
"Drop it!" You are sooooo not putting that stinky deer leg in my car!"
"Bark it up Barky. I think you forgot to bark at something."
"What are you eat...Oh God...is that a rat tail in your mouth?"
"If you eat that I will not be kissing you today!"
"Stop whining. It's not my fault you ate the volcano ! "(science fair project)
"Oh gross! That's the grossest puke ever! When were you eating rotten starfish anyways?"

"Slow Joe"
(who is in fact my mother's mostly good dog)
10" x 10" framed

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