Sunday, January 5, 2014

Currently I Am Wearing Kneesocks

I just loved a letter I received the other day in the mail in which my friend answered a checklist of what she was currently doing. I was inspired to answer those questions for myself and then to create a piece of art from those answers. It might even be fun to repeat this art project at the end of the year to see what has changed.

Currently I am:

Loving: blue hair

Liking: factoring polynomials

Not liking: grocery shopping

Feeling: chubby

Needing: a new tattoo

Trying: to not be so camera shy

Achieving: hugging people I want to know

Remembering: to play

Forgetting: that my heart is broken

Wearing: knee socks

Eating: organic milk chocolate

Drinking: Saigon cinnamon in my coffee

Enjoying: Frankie at my feet

This collage is constructed from inchies and twinchies (one inch and two inch paintings), recycled paper and found objects on wood.


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