Thursday, March 20, 2014


"Runner with His New Crown"
12" x 36"
acrylic and paper on canvas

Ten years ago I was driving home from a friend's house in Otter Point when I happened across a field of Indian Runner Ducks. I fell in love so hard; often driving by and sitting outside the field watching them for hours. I forced my husband to accompany me once and he barely humored me as he sat there, unmoved, muttering something about not getting any freaking ducks. Years passed and prized Japanese Maples took over my yard as I eventually stopped thinking about owning Indian Runner Ducks.

Then, a couple of summers ago I was taking my young friend Julia to the beach with my kids. She hopped in my car, opened her back pack and out popped "Cricket". I spent that summer duck sitting at the beach. Cricket made a lot of friends and became a minor local celebrity. I still don't own an Indian Runner Duck, but I can dream can't I?

Matty and Cricket

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