Monday, August 18, 2014

I Knit The Sun Down

"I knit the afternoon away. I knit reasons for Elijah to come back. I knit apologies for Emma. I knit angry knots and slipped stitches for every mistake I ever made, and I knit wet, swollen stitches that look awful. I knit the sun down."
Laurie Halse Anderson, Wintergirls
I have admitted, on more than one occasion, to being an obsessive knitter. I knit the sun down, every night. In a hectic life of raising and homeschooling boys, being physically active every day, teaching art and creating art, it is the single most therapeutic thing I do for myself in a day. Sometimes I forget just how important it is to me. Earlier this summer I began knitting my latest cardigan, even though a portion of the yarn had been back ordered. I waited... and waited... and while I waited I grew grouchy and sad without even knowing why. I felt a void in my life. It wasn't until my yarn arrived in the mail that my mind turned towards euphoria and I knew. I knew I had desperately missed knitting. I missed the soothing of my soul.
The sweater is finished. And just as my pockets empty of dog bones, my knitting needles empty of yarn. I'll begin again tomorrow, thinking , "Now what shall we knit?"

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