Friday, October 26, 2012

A-Ha Moments

So I had an a-ha moment earlier this week. A few times a year I completely de-clutter, organize and clean my art studio. That's your art prompt this week by the way. It's a good one, because you just never know what you're going to unearth when you get organizing. I stumbled across a box of old hand made Christmas cards. A-ha! I had forgotten I had these tucked away, because I hadn't done a Christmas season art show in awhile.

"Mr. Claus Is Out For The Night"
This November, look for my Christmas art cards! If you are lucky enough to already have a completely organized studio, then try this instead: invite a group of friends over to make Christmas cards. A dear friend of mine did this every year, complete with a pot of mulled hot apple cider. Every one brought papers, paints, stamps and stickers to share. It was so much fun!
So now that I've had my a-ha moment for the week, and I'm burnt out, don't mind me as I make like Mrs. Claus and head for the nearest candle lit bubble bath.

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