Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Life Is A Three Ring Circus

All moms juggle and jump through hoops; we juggle our time and jump through project hoops like caffeine addled clowns. I'm a home-schooling mom, an artist, a gardener, an avid reader, a movie buff and lately... a dog trainer. And why not? Quite frankly hanging with dogs is cheap therapy. My life is a balancing act and, on crazy days, a three ring circus. And I can usually count on my circus dog to see me though.

"Circus Dog"
8" x 8"
This project started last week when I was thinking of a new art prompt: create a collection of embellishments to use in future projects. I decided to alter a collection of old dog tags.

I'd love to hear what your collection of embellishments are! I look forward to using these dog tags in future projects.

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