Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cute As A Button-Button Books

For me, there has always been something whimsical about buttons. When my boys were younger and my house was over run with stuffies, I was constantly replacing their eyes with buttons. Sometimes I did this because a dog had chewed the eyes off, but other times because I preferred the home made look of button eyes. When I knit my "Java Monster" coffee cup cozies, I search for the perfect pairing of button eyes. I have a huge collection of buttons that I use for felted bags and "stupid sock creatures". Today I have been making adorable little button books out of some of my favorite collected buttons.

All you need are two buttons and a sheet of paper. Start by tracing around the button 8 times in a row. Cut the paper circles out, leaving them attached like you would for paper doll chains.
Illustrate your paper chain of circles. Glue buttons on the covers.
My completed button books make me smile!
This week, try making something fun with buttons!

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