Friday, December 14, 2012

Throw a Wacky Bookmark Party

I belong to an amazing book club. Sure, the books we read are usually pretty great. But it's really the company I'm talking about here. I can't wait to sit down with this group of women every month and talk about life, kids, philosophy and of course... books. Last month one of my book club friends suggested we throw a wacky book mark exchange party! Another friend offered to host and voila... a party was in motion. Here's one of 4 wacky book marks I made for the occasion.

The front.
The back.
Here are some book marks I created by cutting an old canvas painting into strips.
What a beautiful selection of hand made book marks. It was so hard to choose. I ended up taking home the needle felted bookmark with fun circles on it!
Oreo getting in on the action.
Mmmmmmm. It was ALL good!
If you'd like to make a bookmark for your art prompt this week, here's some easy steps to create one like mine, with felted pom poms.
First, draw your picture onto a blank bookmark. Next, use iron-on fusible web from the sewing store to attach your book mark to a fabric backing. Trim out the bookmark and punch a hole in the top. You can take your bookmark to an office supply store to have it laminated like I did. This will make your book mark durable.
Now, for the pom poms! Use a small amount of roving. Wrap the roving into a loose ball.

Dip the loose ball of roving into a pan of hot soapy water. Start rolling the ball in your soapy hands. The roving will compact into a tight, hard felted ball after a few minutes.

Thread yarn through the dry ball and add to your bookmark.
Now, make more and throw a party!


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