Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mouse Kings

"Mouse Kings"
When I was pregnant with my first baby I worked as a nanny for two amazing little girls who ran around wearing t-shirts that said things like: "Girls Rule and Boys Drool!". I was immersed in an all girl world and all I wanted was someone to rock the Easy Bake Oven with. Then I was working out at the gym one day and a woman wandered past and said, "I hope it's a boy! "
I have two teen aged sons and I wouldn't change a thing. I mean, don't get me wrong. Boys do some pretty weird stuff. A "friend" of mine's 5 year old once launched a piece of lego from his springboard penis and it ricocheted off her forehead. It was a "shit just got real" mothering moment. But they are also going to tell you that you're the bestest mommy in the world, they will always want a hug and they will still call you mamma when they are 16 and towering over you. No wonder moms fall head over heels in love with their sons. They are the Kings of our hearts.
"Even bad men love their mammas."
Russel Crowe in 3:10 to Yuma
Matty's first portrait
"You Are My Sunshine"
Mason's first portrait
"Goodnight Growly Bear"

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