Sunday, July 21, 2013

Team "Fat Russell Crowe"

You heard me. I love a fat Russell Crowe. I've spent the majority of my art career celebrating women of all shapes and sizes. But what about men? Funny enough, hardly anyone has ever asked me about this. Maybe men don't worry about their physical appearance the way women do. Maybe. But as a mom of teen aged boys I've given it some thought. I worry they'll want the rock hard 6 pack abs being paraded about in the media by any boy older than 15. In a world where grotesquely shallow movies like "Magic Mike" are actually taken seriously I work against the system to make sure my boys know which character traits really matter as they are slowly making the journey towards manhood; and it sure as heck has nothing to do with how you look or someone else's definition of what beautiful is.

Over the years I have painted various portraits of my beautiful dad.

detail of "The God of Bullshit"(unplugged)
"The God Of Bullshit" (unplugged)

"The God of Bullshit"

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